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New Musical Psalms
by Michael Reid Winikoff

Solo Voice and/or Unison Choir                                      
with Solo Instrument (flute, oboe, violin,
piccolo trumpet or clarinet)
and Piano or Organ
Singing Text in English or Hebrew

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 Psalm 117 is the shortest of all the psalms, and its universalistic message of praise and gratitude is simple, powerful and joyous.  The music of this neo-Baroque setting strives to convey this in the vocal line which, in its simplicity and restricted range, is eminently suitable for children's voices, the effect of which will be all the more moving.  This vocal line is contrasted against the more elaborate and ornate accompaniment of piano or organ with solo instrument obbligato.

As with the more complex setting Psalm 93, this piece is designed for versatility and practicality. There is a range of possibilities as to the types of voices and instruments which may be used, and therefore a variety of possible effects achieved in performance.  For example, it may be taylored to a grand setting using organ and piccolo trumpet, or to a more intimate circumstance with piano and flute.

The vocal part may be sung by solo or choir of treble or men's voice(s), or both.  The opening section through measure 16, as well as the middle section (measures 28-42), may be sung as a solo, and the remaining passages sung tutti.

The instrumental solo may also be played ad lib. on recorder.