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The Music of Michael Reid Winikoff

About Organ Parts

Organ parts are represented in these playback files in one of two ways: 

  1. with one generic (albeit very nice) full organ sound sample (Garritan) that sounds with the effect of 8',4',2'+ registrations; pedal parts are simulated with a contra-bass sound sample; or

  2. with improvised sounds using combinations such as recorder and/or shakuhachi samples to simulate a soft flute-stop effect for quiet works such as Psalm 23.

This is partly due to a limited choice of sound samples in my notation software, but chiefly because, lacking the extensive knowledge of all the myriad effects possible on most organs, I have felt it wiser to entrust it to the "sound" judgment of the competent organist to make appropriate choices for specific stops and registrations. 

That said, I must note that I do like the effect achieved with these limited organ sounds on many of these sound files.  Psalm 23, in particular, is a very good representation of the tranquil effect I was after, and so I have specified flute stops in the score.  Still, in general, I am sure more variety of effect would be called for in most of these works.  That is where the "sound judgment" comes in.

One general rule to be observed is that, unless otherwise specified, manual parts are to be registered no lower than 8' (plus higher doublings as seen fit), and pedal parts should include the 16' registration.

About Playbacks

See and hear any choral or vocal work in score form via MP4 screen-capture playback video or MP3 audio. 

For instrumental wedding works, audio-samples are available for listening.  All playbacks on this site are for demonstration purposes on this site only.

For the best and most accurate listening experience, headphones or full-spectrum speakers are recommended.

No Text in Digital Audio Playback.  All playbacks of vocal works are digital and textless.  Follow video playback to observe text.

Solo Vocal Representation in Digital Playback.  For clarity and contrast against choral parts, solo vocal passages (where present) are represented with solo instrumental sounds such as horn, clarinet or oboe.

A Cappella Versions in Playback - A few playbacks (especially of TTBB versions) omit the accompaniment in order to demonstrate that performance option.