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The Music of Michael Reid Winikoff

Terms & Conditions of Use

It is greatly thrilling for a composer or other creative artist to see others' interest in and patronization of his/her offerings.  As is the case in any such creative endeavor, you, the musician/listener/patron, are called upon to respect the bounds and rules of intellectual property through your acknowledgment of, and compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Use.

License for use
of any and all musical works purchased on this site (, or its subservient sites (New Music for Weddings; Psalm Settings for Church & Synagogue; and Choral Music for the Synagogue), whether in live performance, digital audio playback, or pre-recording of a live performance, is limited to private ceremonial/ritual use, i.e., wedding, funeral/memorial, or general worship. 

All other rights, including concert, broadcast, or any type of for-profit use, are reserved.  Permission for concert or other use may be obtained in writing from the composer at

or distribution of sheet music, audio files or recorded performances of any of these works shall be limited to that necessary for performance or other permitted use.  For choral works, up to 35 copies of sheet music may be produced per download.  Unauthorized duplication, reproduction or distribution of such items is a violation of U.S. Copyright law.

Only the official published editions or audio files of such works, as offered on this site, are permitted for use.  Adaptation of any work on this site shall be limited to that stipulated under the Adaptabilities guidelines, or other such limited adaptation necessary for reasonable practical or logistical considerations.  Unauthorized adaptations or changes which materially affect the stylistic or other basic nature of a work are not permitted.

Credits in printed programs.  It is expected (and only fair) that proper credits be made for use of musical works by this (or any) composer in wedding, ceremonial, concert or other programs.  Such credit should include the full title of the work and full name of the composer. 

Your visit to any of these websites, and/or purchase of items from same, shall constitute your acknowledgment and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions of Use.