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New Solo-Voice Psalms
PSALM 93 "Sovereign is the Lord"
by Michael Reid Winikoff

Solo Voice (medium high)                                            
with Solo Instrument Obbligato                   
(flute, oboe, violin or clarinet) and Piano or Organ
Singing Text in English or Hebrew

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 This setting Psalm 93 is cast as a modernist neo-Baroque style solo aria, modally tinted, with solo instrument obbligato.  It is designed for great effect and maximum practicality.  It may be sung by most any voice part except perhaps bass or low contralto, and the obbligato, as indicated, may be taken by any of several instruments.  It may also be played on recorder ad lib.  The keyboard may be a piano or a quiet organ.

As can be imagined, any of a range of effects may come to pass in performance, depending on the chosen combination of vocal and instrumental colors.  In all circumstances, however, the work should be approached in a generally objective way, without undue emotional or operatic affect.  The music should unfold in a joyous and inevitable manner, and end on a gently poetic note.