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New Solo Vocal Psalms
PSALM 122 ("How Glad I Was")
by Michael Reid Winikoff

SOLO VOICE (High or Low), Organ or Piano, Optional Trumpet or Horn
Singing Text in English or Hebrew
DURATION:  4:15                                                    Purchase

HIGH VOICE                                                                        
      Listen/View - HIGH Voice w trumpet

      Listen Only - LOW Voice w horn - faster load

This text has long been a favorite as a processional for weddings and other momentous sacred occasions.  This setting has been cast in that mood and spirit.  As a vocal solo, it is effective in an intimate way, whereas the optional use of trumpet or horn solo as part of the accompaniment will add a dimension of grandeur to the performance. 

The piece opens with a solemn acclamation in a modernist vein, and this theme returns periodically through the work, as it alternates with beautiful quiet passages.  During most of the setting, the vocal line and "acclamation" theme alternate and overlap, but never coincide until near the end, when they finally rendezvous in a powerful and eloquent fashion.

This work should be sung, even in its quieter passages, without restraint and with full sound, but never forcefully.  It should always retain a sense of beauty and dignity.  Proper balance is essential between voice and solo instrument, when included.  In the absence of trumpet or horn, these passages should be played by organ or piano (see small notes in the right hand) in a manner emulating those instruments.