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New Musical Psalms
by Michael Reid Winikoff
(In loving memory of my sister-in-law, Gale Murray Southworth Winikoff)

SOLO VOICE (High or Low) with organ or piano
Singing Text in English or Hebrew
DURATION:  4:50                                                    Purchase

HIGH VOICE                                                                        
      Listen/View (w organ)
      Listen Only (w organ) - faster load

      Listen/View (w piano)
      Listen Only (w piano) - faster load

Lovely setting, for solo voice, of this universally celebrated psalm, painting a musical scene of pastoral tranquility and reassurance.  Its peaceful, restful mood makes it equally suitable for wedding or funeral/memorial use, for example.  The musical form is through-composed, taking on a "stream of consciousness" feel that unfolds with the textual imagery.  Thematic unity is achieved through the systematic use and reuse of melodic fragments throughout.

Performance of this Psalm 23 should be approached with subtlety and sensitivity.  The dynamic level should never venture beyond a strong mezzo-piano, and the effect should always be quiet and subdued.  The vocal line should be sung in a sustained manner, but with expression and phrasing that is natural to the text.