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New Choral Psalms
PSALM 24 - Anthem
by Michael Reid Winikoff

SATB Choir with Organ or Piano
English or Hebrew Singing Text


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A grand anthem setting, in modern style, for a grand psalm text.  Psalm 24 opens with a fanfare-like theme in the accompaniment, a theme which recurs in variation throughout the piece, both in the keyboard and the choir.  This theme, along with other motifs in the organ/piano, serves as springboard into the various choral "rooms" of this anthem.  The first room is a unison declamation of a theme that is the basis for the fanfare theme.  The choir then blooms into four parts on the same theme, followed by imitative development of another fragment of the theme.  The next room is another more expansive variation of the first choir theme, and moves on in similar fashion to other iterations of this theme.  Eventually we are returned to the original material as first stated, which this time takes a slightly different turn, ending up on a final spine-tingling eleventh chord.

In performing this anthem, the accompaniment is written so that the choir need not sing in an  overly bombastic manner.  A spirited, confident delivery will convey the desired effect, which will be furthered by the properly executed organ/piano part.