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My beloved is mine, and I am his.  - Song of Songs

Of Beauty & Taste, Dignity & Distinction

- New Wedding Marches, Preludes, Postludes, Solo Vocal Settings

- In a Range of Classical Styles and Moods

- A Welcome Alternative to the Standard Wedding Repertoire

- Available as PDF of Sheet Music or MP3 Audio Files

Why Great Wedding Music Matters - The uncanny power of music to set a mood, to elevate mere ceremony to ineffable levels, affords a golden opportunity to make your wedding unforgettable.  Carefully chosen, it can evoke grandeur, jubilation, reflection, devotion, or really any emotion or effect you want to convey.  It can speak volumes beyond words.

"Music is love in search of a word."  ....SIDNEY LANIER

With the love you lavish on planning this momentous day, you will be richly rewarded by the careful thought you put into each element that will contribute to that powerful effect as you walk down the aisle with dignity, honor, joy and awe, in the presence of family and friends, to be united for all time with the love of your life.  Be sure to let the music do its part!

Whether the marriage ceremony you plan is grand and elaborate, or elegantly intimate, take the opportunity to clothe your wedding in the grand gown of beautiful and ravishing music.  Basic Functions of Wedding Music.

Be the First to Walk Down the Aisle to a Brand-New Wedding March - Why settle for the same old  "Here Comes the Bride" when you can be a trend-setter?  My catalog of new wedding music offers a rich variety of musical styles, moods and instrumental combinations and vocal solo songs, each designed to raise your wedding day to new spiritual heights. Whether the music you favor is sacred or secular, vocal or instrumental, Baroque, Modern, Folk or Jewish, there is something here to fill your needs. 

Choose the Right Music for Your Ceremony - Click a link below for a sample of a musical style from my works:

Sample Any Song or Work - Just click on the "All Selections" link above, and then link to the information page for each work.  For each instrumental wedding piece, hear an MP3 audio sample.  For each vocal solo song, see and hear the selection by linking to its video, which visually scans the sheet music for you as the playback is heard.  About Playbacks 

Purchase Sheet Music for Performance by Live Musicians, or Audio MP3 Files for Playback - You may purchase any selection as sheet music in downloadable digital (PDF) format, ready to be printed out by you or your hired performers.  (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY - Sorry, no sale or shipment of hard copies).  Not hiring musicians?  No problem.  Instrumental wedding works are also available for purchase as MP3 audio files to play at your ceremony in place of a live performance.

SHORT VERSION - 4 minutes.  Features short samples of 5 wedding music selections:
1.  Flourish #1 (trumpet & organ version)
2.  Promenade in A (trumpet & strings version)
3.  Air Americana (string quartet version)
4.  Bride's Ballade (flute & harp version)
5.  Waltz of Days (string quartet version)
Concluding with Flourish #1 brass quintet version

FULL LENGTH VERSION - 15 minutes.  Features lengthier samples of 10 selections: Flourish #1; Air in A; Fanfare #1; Promenade in A; Air Americana; Solemn Betrothal; Bride's Ballade; From the Old Country; Contemplation; Euphoria; Waltz of Days, Flourish #1 (reprise).
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It's useful to think of ceremony and ritual as, in essence, a kind of theater, and the wedding as a joyful performance of sorts for all involved - why else would you go to so much thought and effort in picking the right gowns, tuxes, flowers, the perfect venue, etc.?  The music you choose functions in the context of that theatrical performance.

Prelude or Pre-Ceremony Music - For the 30 minutes or so before the formal processional begins, the music might be sedate or atmospheric, and should serve not to draw focus away from the actual ceremony.  Prelude music should not be overly lively or monumental in tone or mood (save that music for what is to come), but is your opportunity to help establish whatever mood, theme or motif you are striving for.  Think of it as the overture to your event.

Processional - Procession music can be in any of a wide variety of styles, indeed anything you feel is appropriate,  But generally speaking it is music of dignity, grace, beauty, joy.  It can convey the same sort of jubilation and livelier tempo as the recessional, or just as often it is quieter and slower.  Although the tempo of the music might reflect a marching feel, this is by no means a hard and fast requirement. 

It is often (though not always) the practice to use different processional music for the entrance of the wedding party, family, etc., than for the climactic entrance of the bride herself.  Depending on the size of your wedding party and venue, this may or may not be effective.  In a small chapel or room, or with a small party, it might be preferable to go with a single musical work for the entire procession.  But in grander circumstances such as a larger church or synagogue, and with a larger party, a contrasting piece which offers the opportunity to heighten the excitement as the bride enters, can be all the more thrilling.  For example, the family might process to a slower-tempo music, while the bride will enter to a great flourish, and perhaps faster tempo.  Or the bridal music might be still be slow, but of greater emotional depth,  The possibilities, as you can imagine, are almost limitless.

Interlude / In-Ceremony Music - A great way to add interest to your ceremony and keep it engaging for the attendees, to differentiate and partition the ritual proceedings with music that heightens and deepens the spiritual meaning of the occasion.  Use special ritual moments such as a Unity Candle lighting, or the Jewish ceremony of the Seven Circles, as opportunities to employ interlude music.  The interlude selection is often a vocal solo to an apropos text.  If you have a friend or family member who is a singer, it might serve as a chance for them to offer a personal and heartfelt tribute to your celebration.

Recessional / Postlude - Here is the final musical flourish for the final moment of your wedding - the first moment of your life together!  Make it celebratory, jubilant, exuberant, lively.  Typically, wedding recessional music is fast and joyous, to match the mood of the newlyweds. 

Use your imagination when considering a musical selection for any of these functions, and picture yourself and your family processing or recessing to it.  Does it make the effect you want?  In many cases, the choice of instruments and/or voice range is flexible, and these choices offer variation in the final effect.

Listen for Yourself ! - My New Music for Weddings catalog offers not only a variety of musical styles and functions both instrumental and vocal, but also the opportunity to audio-sample any selection.  Enjoy exploring it, and perhaps have your family, friends and engaged musicians explore it - then seek their opinions.