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The Music of Michael Reid Winikoff

Music For Concert & Recital Use
by Michael Reid Winikoff

The pieces listed here are, in the opinion of the composer, well-suited for concert use, due in some cases to their challenging nature, their theme and occasion, their length and complexity, their "flourish."  The possibilities, though, are by no means limited to these selections, as nearly any of the works in this catalog might prove appropriate in a given concert circumstance.

License permission is required for concert use.  See Terms and Conditions.


FOUR GARDEN MOODS - Suite for Flute & Piano   Purchase
    1. "Exuberance" Audio Sample
    2. "Contemplation" Audio Sample
    3. "Meditation" Audio Sample
    4. "Euphoria" Audio Sample

Solo Voice

PRAYER FOR THE STATE OF ISRAEL - Version for Solo Voice with piano   Purchase
    - HIGH Voice (F# mi)
    - MEDIUM Voice (E mi)  Listen/View
    - LOW Voice (D mi)

PSALM 23 - English or Hebrew, with organ or piano   Purchase
    - HIGH Voice  Listen/View
    - LOW Voice  Listen/View

PSALM 122 ("HOW GLAD I WAS")    Purchase   
    English or Hebrew, organ or piano, optional trumpet or horn
    - HIGH Voice (A-flat)  Listen/View - with trumpet
    - LOW Voice (F)  Listen Only - with horn

Choral (accompanied*)

HANEIROT HALALU (Meditation on the Chanukkah Lights)
    - SATB & Solo Violin   Purchase   Listen/View

MA TOVU - SATB with organ   Purchase   Listen/View

    - Version for SATB with piano    Purchase    Listen/View

- English or Hebrew, anthem for SATB with organ or piano Purchase   Listen/View  

SHALOM RAV ("Grant Peace") Hebrew or English with piano   Purchase
    - Version for SATBB  Listen/View
    - Version for TTBBB  Listen/View

*Although most accompaniments for synagogue choral works are optional, their use is generally encouraged in a concert setting.

Choral (a cappella)

KADSHEINU ("Bring Us in Hallowed Service to You")
SATB English or Hebrew  Purchase   Listen/View

L'DOR VADOR ("From Age to Age")
Mixed (SATB) Voices   Purchase    Listen/View

MOTET - Havieinu el Har Kodshecha
Mixed (SATB) Voices   Purchase    Listen/View

Mixed (SATB) Voices   Purchase    Listen/View

MOTET - V'shamru    Purchase 
    - Version for SATB  Listen/View
    - Version for TTBB  Listen/View

PSALM 113 - SSAATTBB   Purchase   Listen/View

PSALM 150  SATB div.  Purchase   Listen/View