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by Michael Reid Winikoff

SATB or TTBB Choir & Cantor with Optional Organ
Ma-ariv (Evening) Service

DURATION:  7:00 Purchase  
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THE PRAYER - One of the central prayers of the daily Ma-ariv (Evening) service, Hashkiveinu has a very real drama, featuring a list of dangers and misfortunes that might befall us during our nightly sleep, from which we seek divine protection.  We pray for peace during the night, sheltered beneath G-d’s wings, with renewed life and vigor at daybreak. 

THE MUSIC - The text has inspired eloquent cantorial and choral renditions, a handful of which have served to inspire this traditional setting which inhabits the grand scale and elaborate manner of those classic works, making use of idiomatic devices such as the choir’s sustained hummed chords under the cantor’s proclamations, along with responses on repeated text phrases.  Its drama suggests the High Holy Days, while the nusach is very much of Shabbat.  

PERFORMANCE - The chief challenge of this 1989 setting of Hashkiveinu lies not in intricate counterpoint or complex harmonies, though there are small doses of each, but in its requirements of vocal resources.  Its grand drama calls for a medium to large group of singers, a sturdy bass soloist (or small group), and a capable cantorial soloist of medium-high voice range, as well as a stentorian approach.   Challenge level - 4 out of 6 stars

Hashkiveinu A-donay E-loheinu l’shalom
V’ha-amideinu malkeinu l’chayim
Uf’ros aleinu sukat sh’lomecha
V’takneinu b’eitza tova milfanecha
V’hoshieinu l’ma-an sh’mecha
V’hagein ba-adeinu v’haser mei-aleinu
Oyeiv dever
V’cherev v’ra-av v’yagon
V’haser satan milfaneinu umei-achareinu
Uv’tzeil k’nafecha tastireinu
Ki Eil shomreinu umatzileinu ata
Ki Eil melech chanun v’rachum ata

Ush’mor tzeiteinu uvo-einu
L’chayim ul’shalom
Mei-ata v’ad olam
Lay us down, O Lord our G-d, in peace,
And raise us up, our Sovereign, in life.
Spread over us the shelter of Your peace,
And lead us with Your own good guidance.
Deliver us for Your name’s sake.
Be our shield; remove from us
Every foe and pestilence,
Sword, hunger and grief;
Remove Satan from around us;
Keep us in the shelter of Your wings,
For You are our guardian and savior,
For You are our merciful and
Compassionate G-d and Sovereign.
Guard our departing and our returning
in life and in peace,
now and forevermore.