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T'filah Lishlom M'dinat Yisrael
by Michael Reid Winikoff

Versions for Mixed (SATB) or Men's (TTBB) Choir and Cantor with piano; or Solo Voice (High, Medium or Low) with Piano

DURATION: 4:10                                                                             Purchase

-- SATB & Cantor w piano
        Listen Only

-- TTBB & Cantor w piano
        Listen Only

-- SOLO Voice w piano
    ++ High (F# mi)
    ++ Medium (E mi)
         Listen Only
    ++ Low (D mi)

THE PRAYER - In most congregations, this prayer is recited at the end of the Torah service, just before the scrolls are returned to the Ark.  Since it takes the form of a solemn and official declaration, it is often recited standing, with a scroll held next to the reader. 

THE MUSIC - This setting is in a grand manner with an optional piano accompaniment, making it suitable for concert use.  At the same time, the choral version is written for ease of learning and execution, and the work in general is designed to be congregationally singable.  Care should be taken to differentiate straight eighth notes in the vocal part(s) against triplet eighths in the accompaniment.  It will be noted that due to technical limitations of digital playback, this is not always ideally demonstrated in the audio & video samples offered here.

Challenge level - 3 out of 6 stars

Avinu shebashamayim
Tzur Yisraeil v’go-alo
Bareich et m’dinat Yisraeil
Reisheet tzimichat g’ulateinu
Hagein aleha b’evrat chasdecha
Ufros aleha sukat sh’lomecha
Ushlach orcha va-amitcha
L’rasheha sareha v’yo-atzeha
V’takneim b’eitza tova milfanecha
Chazeik et y’dei m’ginei
Eretz kodsheinu
V’hanchileim E-lo-heinu y’shua
Va-ateret nitzachon t’at-reim
V’natata shalom ba-aretz
V’simchat olam l’yoshveha
V’nomar Amein.

Our Father who dwells in Heaven,
Rock and Redeemer of Israel.
Bless the State of Israel
Harbinger of our redemption;
Shield it with Your grace
Spread over it the tabernacle of Your peace.
Shine the light of Your truth
Upon its leaders and advisors.
Guide them with Your good counsel.
Strengthen the hands of those who defend
Our Holy Land.
Deliver them O G-d
Crown their endeavors with victory.
Grant peace to the land,
And its inhabitants with enduring joy.
And let us say: Amen.