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PSALM 93 A-donay Malach
by Michael Reid Winikoff

Solo Voice with Solo Instrument Obbligato
(flute, recorder ad lib., oboe, violin or clarinet)
and piano or organ
Hebrew or English Singing Texts
Friday Evening - Kabbalat Shabbat

DURATION: 3:00                                                                      Purchase

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THE TEXT IN LITURGY - Psalm 93 is the last in a series of psalms making up much of the special Friday evening liturgy known as Kabbalat Shabbat (Welcoming the Sabbath).  Psalm 93 concerns G-d's unshakable dominion over the ravages of nature, and His laws which are the moral foundations of the world.  

THE MUSIC - This "neo-Baroque" rendition is nonetheless rooted in two chant modes commonly associated with it: 1) its namesake mode, the A-donay Malach mode, basically a Mixolydian scale, and; 2) the devotional "Magein Avot" mode, a natural minor scale, employed in some cantorial traditions for this passage in the Friday evening ritual.  The setting is cast in an amalgam of the two modes.

See also Psalm 117.

Challenge level - 3 out of 6 stars