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SHALOM RAV ("Grant Peace")
by Michael Reid Winikoff

Choir (Five-Part SATBB or TTBBB) with optional piano
Hebrew or English Singing Text
Shabbat & Weekdays

DURATION: 3:20                                                                            Purchase

-- for SATBB
   Listen/View (with piano)
   Listen Only (faster load)
-- for TTBBB
   Listen/View (a cappella)
   Listen Only (faster load)

THE PRAYER - Shalom Rav is, alternately with Sim Shalom, one of the two prayers for peace that conclude the daily Amidah.  Shalom Rav normally occurs in the Mincha (afternoon) and Ma-ariv (evening) services, while Sim Shalom concludes the Shacharit (morning) and Musaf (additional) services. 

MUSIC / PERFORMANCE - Befitting its text, this work aims at pure lyricism and atmospheric bliss, and should be approached as such.  The long, soaring melodic lines should be sung molto legato e sostenuto (very smooth and sustained), and staggered breathing will be essential in this effort.  

In the Men's Voice (TTBBB) version, care must be taken to accurately observe the differentials in indicated dynamics from voice to voice.  This is important for balance in the denser sonority of all men's voices.

Challenge level - 3 out of 6 stars

                                            LITERAL TRANSLATION
Shalom rav al Yisraeil amcha
V'al kol yoshvei teiveil
Tasim l'olam.
Ki ata hu melech adon l'chol hashalom
V'tov b'einecha l'vareich et amcha Yisraeil
B'chol eit uv'chol sha-a
Baruch ata A-donay
[Baruch hu uvaruch sh'mo]
Hamvoreich et amo Yisraeil bashalom.
Abundant peace to Your people Israel
And to all who dwell on earth,
May You grant forever.
For You are the Sovereign Lord of all peace,
May it be good in Your sight to bless Your people Israel
In all times and at every hour
With Your peace.
Praised are You, O Lord,
[Praised is He and praised is His name]
Who blesses Your people Israel with peace.