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SHEHECHEYANU (Evening of High Holy Days)
Traditional Ma'ariv Mode
Adapted by Michael Reid Winikoff

Mixed (SATB) Choir
Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur Evening

DURATION:  0:45                                                                            Purchase

   Listen/View - with organ
   Listen Only - a cappella

THE PRAYER - The Shehecheyanu blessing is recited by Jews on most significant occasions of joy, such as on the birth of a new baby, a bar/bat mitzvah, and even on the first wearing of a new suit or purchase of a new car!  We say the Shehecheyanu on the first performance during a given year of a mitzvah (commandment), such as the first lighting of the Chanukkah candles, or on eating a fruit for the first time in the season.  It is also recited to usher in most major and minor festivals and holy days, including Yom Kippur, where it is said at the end of the Kol Nidrei ceremony just before the start of the Maariv (Evening) service.  It seems especially appropriate here, as we are to embark on the profound spiritual journey of personal challange and growth that Yom Kippur represents.

THE MUSIC - This setting utilizes the traditional tune associated with the Maariv service of the High Holy Days, but set in easy four-part harmony and adapting to the rhythm of the text.  Several of the phrases begin in unison and then blossom into four parts.  It may alternately be sung entirely in unison, and is intended in either case for congregational participation.  The organ/piano accompaniment is optional.  Ease rating - 2 stars (Easy) 

Baruch ata A-donay
E-lo-heinu melech ha-olam
V'higanu laz'man hazeh.

Praised are you, O Lord,
G-d, king of the universe,
Who has given us life,
Sustained us,
And brought us to this season.