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V'SHAMRU - Duet/Choir/Congregation
by Michael Reid Winikoff

For Solo Duet, Choir & Congregation with optional piano
Shabbat - Ma-ariv (Evening) or Shacharit (Morning) Service

DURATION: 2:45                                                                             Purchase

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THE TEXT - a direct statement of Exodus 31:16-17, occurs in three important places during Shabbat:  1) it immediately precedes the Friday evening Amidah; 2) it occurs in the Shacharit (Morning) Amidah; and 3) it serves as the prelude to the Shabbat morning Kiddush (blessing of the wine). 

MUSIC / PERFORMANCE - This highly adaptable setting is cast in the "Magein Avot" chant mode, characteristic of the Friday evening service.  It is designed for congregational participation, but also features duet sections with harmonized choral refrain. 

See Adaptabilities - V'shamru (duet/choir/cong.) 

Challenge level - 2 out of 6 stars

V’shamru v’nei Yisraeil
t ha-shabbat
La-asot et ha-shabbat
B’rit olam
Uvein b’nei Yisrael ot hi l’olam
Ki sheishet yamim asah A-do-nay
Et hashamayim v’et ha-aretz
Uvayom hash’vi-i
Shavat vayinafash
And the children of Israel shall observe
The Sabbath;
They shall keep the Sabbath
Throughout their generations
As an everlasting covenant. 
A sign between Me
And the children of Israel shall it be forever,
For in six days did the Lord create
The heaven and the earth;
And on the seventh day,
He ceased from His labor and rested.