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YIGDAL for the Days of Awe
by Michael Reid Winikoff

Hymn in 4 Parts (SATB or TTBB)
Adapted from High Holy Day Nusach Tune

DURATION: 4:30                                                                                    Purchase

-- for SATB (B minor)
   Listen Only (faster load)

-- for TTBB (C minor)
   Listen Only (faster load)

THE TEXT - This well-known hymn by Daniel ben Judah dates from early 15th Century Italy.  It survives as one of many hymns of its era based on Maimonides’ Thirteen Articles of Faith.  In many congregations, it closes the evening service, and also occurs in the preliminary morning liturgy. 

MUSIC / PERFORMANCE - This musical setting, intended to conclude the Ma-ariv (Evening service) of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, is an adaptation of a High Holy Day nusach for this hymn as it occurs at the start of the Morning service.  It can be sung in a number of ways.  See Adaptabilities for Yigdal.

Challenge level - 3 out of 6 stars

1. Yigdal e-lo-him chai v’yishtabach
    Nimtza v’ein eit el m’tzi-uto

2. Echad v’ein yachid k’yichudo
    Ne-elam v’gam ein sof l’achduto 

3. Ein lo d’mut haguf v’eino guf
    Lo na-a-roch eilav k’dushato 

4. Kadmon l’chol davar asher nivra
    Rishon v’ein reisheet l’reisheeto 

5. Hino adon olam l’chol notzar
    Yoreh g’dulato umalchuto 

6. Shefa n’vu-ato n’tano
    El anshei s’gulato v’tif-arto 

7. Lo kam b’Yisraeil k’Moshe od navi
    Umabit et t’munato 

8. Torat emet natan l’amo Eil
     Al yad n’vio ne-eman beito 

9. Lo yachalif ha-Eil v’lo yamir dato
    L’olamim l’zulato 

10. Tzofeh v’yodei-a s’tareinu
     Mabit l’sof davar b’kadmato 

11. Gomeil l’ish chesed k’mif-alo
     Notein l’rasha ra k’rish-ato 

12. Yishlach l’keitz yamin m’shicheinu
      Lifdot m’chakei keitz y’shu-ato 

13. Meitim y’chayeh E-il b’rov chasdo
Baruch adei ad sheim t’hilato

1. Magnified and lauded is the living G-d
    Whose existence is timeless and eternal. 

2. He is One; His Oneness is unequaled;
    Beyond perception, eternal in unity. 

3. He is beyond semblence, without body;
    His holiness is defies understanding.

4. He was before creation;
    First in existence, yet without beginning.

5. He is the Lord eternal; the world and all creatures
    Proclaim His greatness and dominion. 

6. Through His honored chosen ones
    He gave forth His prophecies. 

7. Never has there been from Israel
    Any like Moses, who glimpsed the Divine.

8. The true Law did G-d give to His people
    Through his faithful prophet. 

9. Never shall G-d change or amend His Law,
    Nor shall He change it for another. 

10. He examines and knows our secret thoughts,
     And foresees at their start the end of all. 

11. He rewards the righteous man for his deeds,
      And punishes the wicked man for his evil. 

12. In the end He will send for us His Annointed,
      And lead all who await His salvation. 

13 G-d in His great compassion will revive the dead.
     Blessed is His glorious name forever.