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by Michael Reid Winikoff

In 2 Parts (SA, TB or TA) Solo Duet, Choir or Both, optional piano
Shabbat Musaf

DURATION: 3:40                                                                                    Purchase

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THE TEXT - Yism'chu is a familiar prayer from the Amidah of the Saturday morning Musaf service, embodying the central idea of the sabbath as a delight - oneg shabbat

MUSIC / PERFORMANCE - The characteristic musical treatments of this text are likely to be in a lively yet reflective mood, most often in the Ahava Raba or freygish (think "Hava Nagila") mode. This highly adaptable rendition aims toward a Chassidic style in the cantorial tradition, but in two parts which may be sung all or in part by solo voices, choir, or both.  Adaptabilities - Yism'chu.  The form follows the popular procedure for this prayer – refrain with verses, though this is not the actual form of the text.  Sing this music in a spirited, joyous and expressive manner.  Highly appropriate for concert use.

Challenge level - 3 out of 6 stars

Yism’chu v’mal’chut’cha
Shomrei shabbat v’kor’ei oneg
Am m’kad’shei sh’vi-i kulam
Yisb’u v’yit’an’gu
V’hash’vi-I ratzita bo
Chemdat yamim oto karata
Zeicher l’ma-asei v’reisheet.
They shall find joy in Your kingdom
Who observe the Sabbath and call it a delight.
All those who hallow the seventh day
Shall be fulfilled and delighted
With Your bounty;
For You found pleasure in the seventh day
And sanctified it,
Declaring it the most desirable of days,
A memorial of Creation.