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To the Bride, Groom, or Wedding Planner
from Michael Reid Winikoff

Not only am I immensely proud to offer this collection of new music for weddings, including ceremonial marches, preludes, postludes and solo vocals for your special day, but my goal is to make it easy for you to sample these offerings, even if you don't read music or know very much about music.  Each instrumental selection can be sampled in MP3 audio format, while vocal works can be seen and heard in WMV audio-video, allowing you to see the text as you hear the music.  About Playbacks

Sheet music.  All wedding works are available for purchase and digital download as PDF files of sheet music, which are pre-formatted and ready for you and your musicians to print out and use. 

Pre-recorded wedding music.  Alternatively, all non-vocal works are available for purchase as high-quality MP3 audio files suitable for use in lieu of live performance.

This music is designed for practicality as well as beauty, and so none of these works should prove unduly challenging to the competent player or singer.  Still it is advisable to coordinate well in advance with your musicians on the practicality of any given piece you are considering.

Important Note:  License for use for these works, whether in live performance, digital audio playback or your own pre-recording, is limited to ceremonial/ritual use.  Please read full
Terms of Use