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New Wedding Ceremony Songs for Vocal Solo
by Michael Reid Winikoff

Singing a lovely, heartfelt wedding song as a ceremonial prelude or interlude, whether on sacred or secular text, is one of the most deeply appreciated wedding gifts you can give.  A solo piece can be effective whether sung before the service to set the mood and context, or during the ceremony as an interlude during an offering or other special ritual moment, such as the Unity Candle lighting or the Jewish bridal ritual of the Seven Circles. 

Many of the keyboard accompaniments to these wedding solos, even if not so specified, can be adapted from piano to organ and vice-versa.  Consult your accompanist.

Most selections (except for Dodi Li and Psalm 117) are available for HIGH or LOW voice. 

Click on a link to go to the item's information page, with further links to a screen-capture video showing music score (and text) with playback.

Dodi Li - Processional - (Ensemble of flute, oboe (or flute II), soprano or tenor voice(s), percussion, piano).  Hebrew verses from the Song of Songs.

Eishet Chayil (The Woman of Valor) - Solo with piano.  Hebrew verses from
(31:10-15 & 30-31).

How Glad I Was - Solo with piano or organ, optional trumpet or horn.  Hebrew or English
text, of verses from Psalm 122.

I Betroth You - Solo with piano.  English text based on Hosea 2 and the Song of Songs.  Tune taken from Air Americana.

Psalm 23 - Solo with piano or organ.  English or Hebrew text.  

Psalm 117 - Solo Voice and solo instrument (flute or violin, oboe, piccolo trumpet or
clarinet, with piano or organ.  English or Hebrew text.

Solemn Betrothal (V'eirastich Li) - Solo with piano.  English or Hebrew text, verses from Hosea 2.