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To Wedding Players and Singers

It is humbling (or should be) for any composer to present his or her works to the musical community.  The nagging questions of playability, singability, and of course quality, are in mind.  With that sort of trepidation I am nonetheless proud to offer these wedding ceremonial pieces to musicians everywhere, trusting that they are indeed practicable and gratifying to sing and play.

I invite you to explore my catalog via the audio-sample links for each work, and consider them for your repertoire.  Vocal works can be sampled with printed text via screen-capture videos.

All works are presented as printable PDF files of sheet music (digital download only).  Where applicable, separate instrumental parts are included with the full score.  Where appropriate with lengthier scores, a book version (printable two-sided on 11x17 paper, folded in half) is included along with a "separate sheet" format for your convenience.

These works are designed with certain flexibilities and practicalities in mind, and they should be performed as written and according to indications provided.  It is of course expected that cuts and curtailments beyond those indicated will be necessary as logistical circumstances dictate.

I encourage you to contact me at with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Terms of Use