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New Jewish Wedding Music

Style: Middle-Eastern, Israeli
Mood: Exotic, Hypnotic
Use: Processional

Dodi Li, a wedding processional in Middle-Eastern, Israeli style for a small ensemble of flute, oboe, soprano voice(s), percussion and piano, represents a unique departure in this wedding music catalog.  The steady repeating rhythmic pattern is entrancing and hypnotic, while the exotic melodies are evocative of the Holy Land.  The vocal line of Dodi Li sets select verses from the Song of SongsText/Translation

Practicalities:  The percussion parts are designed for maximum color with minimum skill requirement, and are simple enough to be performed perhaps by younger siblings, nieces or nephews with little or no musical training.  The finger cymbals or triangle should be struck in such a manner as to ring in a sustained fashion.  The piano part is quite simple.  The oboe part may be substituted with a second flute.  The alternate notes in the vocal line also may also be sung harmonically as a second part.  Dodi Li may be shortened or lengthened for logistical purposes. 

DURATION: 5:00 (unabridged)                                                        Purchase

ENSEMBLE: Flute, Oboe (or 2nd Flute), Soprano Voice(s), Percussion (hand drum, finger cymbals or triangle, tamborine), Piano

 Audio Sample
Dodi li
Va-ani lo
haro-e bashoshanim
Shir Ha-Shirim (2:16)

Mi zot ola
Min hamidbar
Mi zot ola
M'kuteret mor

Mor ul'vona

Libavtini achoti chala
Libavtini chala


Uri tzafon
Uvo-i teiman
My beloved is mine
And I am his,
He who grazes (his flock) among the lilies.
  - Song of Songs (2:16)

Who is she who rises
From the wilderness?
Who is she who rises?
In scents of myrrh and frankincense,
Myrrh and frankincense.

You have taken my heart, O sister, O bride,
You have conquered my heart.

Awaken, O north wind,
Come, O south wind.