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New Jewish Wedding Song
(The Woman of Valor)

Style: Jewish-Chassidic
Mood: Poignant, Romantic
Use: Prelude, Interlude, Processional

Vocal or instrumental solo with piano (or harp ad lib.)  “The woman of valor who can find? Her value is far above rubies.”  These verses from the concluding chapter of Proverbs are recited in the traditional Jewish home by husband to wife at the Shabbat evening dinner table.  And as we can imagine, they are often sung at Jewish weddings, as a moment of deep meaning during the ceremony (a "chuppah song"), or as processional for the bride’s entrance.  This new setting of Eishet Chayil, musically painted in deep Chassidic colors, might appropriately be called a “Romance”.    

DURATION: 3:30 (unabridged)        Text/Translation                  Purchase


-- HIGH Voice (A minor)
-- LOW Voice (G minor

Listen/View (High) - Vocal Line Only

-- (Violin, Clarinet, Flute or Cello

Audio Sample (Violin)
Audio Sample (Clarinet)
Audio Sample (Cello)

Eishet chayil mi yimtza?
V’rachok mip’ninim michra
Batach ba leiv ba-la
V’shalal lo yechsar
G’malat-hu tov v’lo ra
Kol y’mei chayeha
Darsha tzemer ufishtim
Vata-as kapeha
Hayta ka-ani-ot socher
Mimerchak tavi lachma
Vatakam b’od lai-la
Vatitein teref l’veita
V’chok l’na-aroteha
Zam’ma sadeh vatikacheihu
Mipri chapeha nat’a karem
Chagra v’oz matneha
Vat’ameitz z’ro-oteha....

Sheker hachein v’hevel hayofi
Isha yir’at A-donay
hi tit-halal
T’nu la mipri yadeha
Vihal’luha vash’arim ma’aseha

The woman of valor, who would find?
Her worth far surpasses rubies.
Her spouse trusts in her,
His success shall not flag;
She provides him for good, not for ill
All the days of her life.
She procures wool and flax
And her hands gladly do their task.
As a merchant ship
She brings food from afar.
She rises before the dawn,
Giving meat to her household
And apportioning to her maidens.
She considers a field, and buys it,
With gainful hand she plants vines.
She girds herself with might,
And strengthens her arms....

Charm is beguiling, and beauty fleeting
But the woman who fears the Lord,
She is deserving of praise;
The fruits of her hands shall acclaim her,
And her works praise her at the gates.
          - Proverbs 31:10-15 & 30-31