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New Vocal Wedding Music

HOW GLAD I WAS (Samachti B'omrim Li)
WEDDING PSALM (from Psalm 122)
by Michael Reid Winikoff

Style: Modern Classical
Mood: Grandeur, Splendor, Eloquence
Use: Bride's Entrance, Processional

How glad I was when they said to me, let us enter the house of the Lord....
- Psalm 122

This solo vocal setting of verses from Psalm 122 begins with a grand introductory announcement in an auspicious and dignified modernist tone, the theme of which recurs at key moments through the piece, interspersed with vocal passages of quiet grandeur and eloquence, until finally vocal and instrumental themes meet in powerful counterpoint at the close. 

The solemn opening declaration is inspired by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry's magnificent choral anthem to these verses, "I Was Glad," as famously heard at the opening of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011. 

Likewise, this present setting has been conceived for use at the bride's entrance and processional.  It may be sung in English or Hebrew.  The trumpet or horn part is entirely optional.

The vocalist should sing in lyrical but full-throated declamation, and even the quieter passages should not be approached too passively.  When trumpet or horn are used, care must be taken to ensure proper balance.  When they are not included, their themes should be taken in an appropriately ringing, resounding manner by piano or organ.

DURATION: 4:15                                                                     Purchase

Listen/View - High Voice (A-flat) with trumpet
Listen Only - Low Voice (F) with horn